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Can You Handle It?

Big Frank's Breakfast Challenge will be hosted on a weekly basis at The PB Shore House. Each week 10 contestants will take on the sandwich in under 30 mins. 

Sandwich Breakdown:
  • Custom XXL Everything Bagel courtesy of Baron's Bagels in Point Pleasant

  • One Dozen Eggs

  • 8 Sausage Patties

  • 8 Pork Roll Slices

  • 10 Bacon Strips

  • Home Fries

  • Sweet Potato Tots

  • Chipotle Mayo Spread

  • Melted Cheese


Contest Rules:

  • Each contestant gets one (1) Breakfast Challenge Sandwich.

  • Contestants will have 30 minutes to finish the sandwich

  • No bathroom breaks

  • Vomiting automatically disqualifies the contestant

  • Prizes will be awarded each week which are determined on a weekly basis by The PB Shore House crew

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